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Build 21st-century skills with paid experience as you upstart your career!

The Upstart Academy is free for students and always will be.

What is the Upstart Academy?

The Upstart Academy is a digital agency run by students, for students. Our mission is to give you the opportunity to gain the skills and experience you need to launch your career.

We support you delivering online projects for real clients, with practical learning, personalised mentoring and community support. Think of it as an extremely practical internship, where you have the opportunity to work with multiple clients on the projects that are most interesting to you. And finally, all the work you complete for clients is paid so you get properly rewarded for your hard work!

Craft Your Own Experience

Browse our skill area to find those that you're most interested in. To join the platform you simply need to select a skill area and complete the test. Click on each skill area below to find out more information.

Shared Work, Shared Value

We believe that quality work needs to be rewarded, which means you'll be paid for all the work you complete. Our payment structure shares the value of the work with everyone involved based on their contribution to the final outcomes as follows.


When starting out, you'll be able to join any project as an intern. Working with the supervision of your project lead and the support of our learning platform you'll be delivering real work as you build your practical skills.

Project Lead

Once you've proven yourself as an intern, you'll have the opportunity to take charge as a project lead. You'll be building your leadership skills as you coordinate a team of students to deliver work directly to clients.

Upstart Academy

The Upstart Academy provides you with learning material, support and clients at no charge. So we can keep providing this service we keep 30% of the value of the work, which means we only get paid when you do!

A Roadmap to Launch Your Career

Show Your Skills

Choose the areas you're interested in and prove you're ready to join our platform. We'll give you all the training and resources to get started, which means there is no prior experience required from you!

Build Quality Experience

Once you're on the platform you can get started working on projects as an intern. This is real work for real businesses, which means you'll be building in-demand skills and getting paid along the way.

Upstart Your Career

As you build your experience we'll connect you directly with employers looking to hire people with your skills. We only advertise paid positions to make sure you're being rewarded for your talents.

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