Impressive results, zero hassel.

Gain an edge in the digital world whilst helping students with practical experience to launch their careers.

How it works?

Our goal for the Upstart Academy was to develop a new way for students and businesses to work together for the greatest possible impact. Our system is designed to be low touch and high value, which means quality results without the hassle. See how it all works below.

Getting Started

Select Your Project

Select the project that is most relevant to your goals from our range of options. All our projects are designed to help your organisation improve its digital marketing performance as our learning platform empowers students to deliver work that has real business outcomes.

Connect with our students

After you register we’ll invite students from our database to join your project. You’ll have the chance to work with a team of students that are interested in helping your organisation get ahead whilst they develop some essential practical skills.

Set the focus

Once your team is ready you’ll have the chance to meet them all for a one-hour video conference call with your Upstart Academy project mentor. During this call, you’ll have the chance to set the focus for your project and answer any questions that your team might have.

The Project

Hands off

Our learning platform and project mentors empower your team to deliver impressive results, without any heavy lifting from your organisation. Students follow step-by-step guides and apply their learnings to your business to sharpen their practical skills.

Monitor the progress

Your team will be uploading all their work to your dedicated project dashboard as they go along. Any member of your organisation can check this dashboard to understand exactly what is going on for your project.

Follow along

Your organisation will receive full access to our learning platform as part of your participation in the project. You and your team will be able to follow along with the tasks being completed and learn some valuable new skills.

Wrapping Up

Review and feedback

Once the project is finished you’ll have the chance to chat with your team again on a video call the discuss the results and offer feedback. Each team member will be available to explain the results of their work and answer any questions. You will also be able to offer feedback about the value of the work for your organisation.

Discuss follow-on work

If you’re interested in working with any members of your team after the project you’ll be able to contact them directly to discuss. The Upstart Academy team will be here to help with any questions about employment relationships and how to work with students.

Receive you credential

Every member of your organisation that participates in the project will receive an Accredible digital certification to acknowledge your involvement. You’ll be able to add this badge to your LinkedIn profile, website and email signature to showcase your commitment to helping the next generation of graduates.

Demo Video

Check out this quick demo video for a complete overview of our service.

Project Options

Choose the most relevant project for your organisation from any of the following options.

Search Engine Marketing

What you’ll receive from this project:

  • Technical SEO review of your website
  • Competitor SEO and SEM research
  • Search engine traffic report
  • A list of keyword targeting suggestions
  • Google AdWords campaign design
  • 3-month SEO plan
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Content Marketing

What you’ll receive from this project:

  • Analysis of existing content assets
  • Competitor content marketing research
  • Google trends review for content ideation
  • Curated list of high performing content assets for external sources
  • Email marketing campaign for content distribution
  • Content creation and distribution plan
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Facebook Marketing

What you’ll receive from this project:

  • An analysis of existing social media platforms
  • Competitor research for social media
  • Social media collateral (Videos, Images, and GIFs)
  • A plan for organic audience engagement
  • A list of relevant Hashtags
  • A Facebook marketing campaign design
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Business Development

What you’ll receive from this project:

  • Research of potential new geographical locations
  • Research of potential new customer segments
  • A list of  new leads to target
  • A plan for LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration
  • An email engagement strategy for connection
  • Implementation of a CRM system to manage leads
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