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Our Story


Commerce and Economics at Uni 2009 – 2013 then started working as a Financial Analyst

Hey, I’m Martin. Nice to (virtually) meet you. I spent 5 years studying at Uni and it was honestly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Studying helped me build character, develop a professional network and set me up for life of continuous learning. Despite my positive experience studying, I found the transition to the workforce to be difficult. Starting my professional career I realised that there were some crucial practical skills that I was lacking, which is where the idea for the Upstart Academy was born.


Graphic Design at TAFE 2010 – 2013 then started working as a Web Designer.
Hey, I’m Leo. I consider myself lucky to have had a job within the industry I was interested in after I graduated from my  Graphic Design course at the Central Institute of Technology (UI/web design). Little did I know that even with 2 years of practical training, it wouldn’t prepare me for what the professional world had in store for me. Fast forward almost 6 years and most of the fundamental skills that I use today were all learnt by doing. It’s my mission to empower students with practical, relevant skills so that they can transition smoothly into the professional world.

The Upstart Academy Story

We’re a team of University and TAFE graduates who want to help the next generation of students make a successful transition from study to work. Our mission is to equip students with the practical skills and industry connections they need to make a confident step into the workforce.