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We built the Upstart Academy to help students get ahead.

How it works

Our vision when designing the Upstart Academy was to create a system that gave all students equal access to the experience they need to get ahead. This not only meant increasing the number of opportunities available but reinventing how students and businesses connect. See how it all works below.

Getting Started

Choose your project

After you register you’ll receive email updates as soon as new projects become available. Simply select the project and the organisations that you’re interested in working with to secure your spot. No long application process here as we value giving all students a chance to prove themselves.

Connect with your team

Our projects will match you with a team of students from around the country. You’ll be learning how to work in a remote environment whilst you build your lasting connections with like-minded students. Also, if you refer your friends to join the Upstart Academy we can add you to the same team to work together!

Meet your organisation

To launch your project your team will have a video call with your organisation, which will allow you a chance to build your professional network as you learn how your organisation operates. We work with a wide variety of organisations from tech startups to local businesses and not-for-profits.

The Project

Design your experience

Our projects allow you the flexibility to design an experience that best suits your career goals. Each project has a range of different tasks that you can choose from so that you can focus on the areas you’re most interested in. You’ll be able to work on these tasks either individually or with other members of your team.

Learn by doing

Our learning platform empowers you to deliver impressive results in the real world. Learn the industry best practice techniques for performing each task and apply what you learn to see the immediate results. Nothing theoretical here, only practical skills.

Expert advice

During your project, you’ll have direct access to a project mentor who has extensive industry experience. Your mentor is there to support you with any questions about performing your tasks and landing a job after you graduate.

Future focus

Our projects have been designed from intensive employer research on the skills that matter when hiring new staff. All our projects allow you to learn how to work in remote teams, professional communication and project management, which are essential skills for the future of work.

What happens next?

Upload your certification

After completing a project in line with our professional standards you’ll receive an Accredible certificate to verify the achievement. You can add this certificate to your LinkedIn profile, CV, and email signature.

Discuss follow-on work

All of our projects are designed to lead to potential ongoing work with your organisation. At the end of the project, you’ll have another video call with your organisation for a chance to get feedback on the work that you’ve produced and to discuss any employment opportunities. 

Launch your career

After your project you’ll still have access to the Upstart Academy community to help with your future career plans. The community grows with every project we launch and comes with unique resources to help kickstart your career.

Our Projects

Check out all the Upstart Academy projects that are ready for you now.

What can you do with this project?

AdWords Campaign

Design your own draft Google AdWords campaign complete with targeted keywords, ad copy, and unique landing pages to attract new customers from search.

Keyword Research

Build a list of relevant keywords to target whilst you learn how to use the Google Keywords Planner, SEMRush and Google Trends.

Technical SEO Review

Complete a technical SEO website analysis using the ScreamingfrogApp and make suggestions for improvement.

SEO Strategy

Using a powerful tool called Glasshat you’ll be developing a 3-month SEO plan as you learn the practical approach for implementing SEO.

Interested in taking part in this project?

Content Marketing

Location: 100% remote and online
Work arrangement:  Working as a team
Project length:  4 weeks

Understand the essential role that content plays in all digital marketing activities as you optimise your organisations’ use of content.

What can you do with this project?

Content Asset Review

Review existing content assets using the Headline Analyzer, the Hemingway App and Peek user testing to understand how they are performing from a user perspective.

Content Curation

Explore third-party sources using BuzzsumoGoogle Alerts and FollowerWonk to build a list of ready-made content for your audience.

Content Creation

Develop a range of content assets including blogs, infographics, animated videos, and GIFs to showcase in a  CoSchedule content calendar.


Create a complete distribution strategy by exploring email marketing, social media, online influencers and public relations as channels to reach your audience with content.

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Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis

Location: 100% remote and online
Work arrangement:  Working as a team
Project length:  4 weeks

Explore every element of digital marketing as you compare your organisation’s efforts to its key competitors.

What can you do with this project?

Website Traffic Review

Research competitor website traffic using Similarweb. You’ll be analysing the marketing channels that are most effective as well as the user experience of visitors.

Paid Search

Review the competitions use of AdWords as a marketing channel and create your own draft campaign based for your organisation based on what you discover.

Organic Facebook

Analyse the competitions use of organic Facebook marketing to engage users and use this research to create an automated Facebook marketing campaign using HootSuite.

Content Marketing

Explore the competitions use of content marketing and collect examples of high-performing content using BuzzsumoGoogle Alerts and FollowerWonk.

Organic Search

Review your organisations SEO efforts compared to the competition and use this information to build a 1-month SEO plan using the Glasshat tool.

Facebook Advertising

Using AdEspresso you’ll be collecting competitor Facebook advertising material and drafting your own campaign with your own designs.

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Business Development

Location: 100% remote and online
Work arrangement:  Working as a team
Project length:  4 weeks

Learn cutting edge practices for attracting new customers in a digital world as you improve your organisations business development processes.

What can you do with this project?

Customer Prospecting

Identify new leads for your organisation and develop a plan for connection using LinkedIn Sales NavigatorHunter and the Hubspot CRM.

Partner Prospecting

Brainstorm potential strategic partnerships and develop a plan for connection using LinkedIn Sales NavigatorHunter and the Hubspot CRM.


New Market Exploration

Evaluate the potential of new customer segments and new regions for your organisation and develop a strategy for entering these markets.

Industry Profile Building

Create high-quality content to boost your organisations profile and implement a system for promoting it using HootSuite and MailChimp.


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Facebook Marketing

Location: 100% remote and online
Work arrangement:  Working as a team
Project length:  4 weeks

Discover the art of social media marketing as you help your organisation develop digital communities and Facebook advertising campaigns.

What can you do with this project?

Page Optimisation

Review your organisations Facebook page using the LikeAlyzer tool and build a marketing campaign using HootSuite to improve performance.

Collateral Creation

Create range of marketing collateral including graphics, GIFs and animated videos to integrate into your organisations Facebook marketing efforts.


Facebook Advertising

Using AdEspresso, you’ll be drafting a Facebook marketing campaign complete with targeted audiences and your own collateral.

Community Building

Research the potential of private Facebook groups to engage with your audience and design your own page using Canva.


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