Retainr #1 – Sharing a New Business Story

By June 12, 2018Uncategorized

This blog/vlog is all about capturing the real story of launching a new business to share with others interested in pathing a similar path. My plan is to share all the intimate details as I go along from the personal sacrifices to the technical skills required to create a truly honest account of the journey. Thanks for reading!

So who am I? My names Marty (it’s Martin actually, but I feel I’ll grow into that name when I’m about 35). I’m 27, I live in Melbourne and for the past two years I’ve been working on my own startup called the Upstart Agency. This was the first business I’ve ever created and it has pretty much dominated my life for the last two years. Taking me from a steady corporate job into the startup world and all around the country from Perth to Sydney and back again to Melbourne. I was lucky enough to be part of two accelerator programs, Vocus and EduGrowth as well as working with two of my closest friends, Alex and Leo. It was a truly life-changing journey but as of last week, I decided to shut that business down to do something else, which is what brings me to this new project….

According to anyone who’s tried it for themselves, starting a business is one of the hardest but also the most rewarding thing you’re ever likely to attempt. I won’t get into all the details now of why I decided to shut my business down… yet, but I will say that my first taste of life as an entrepreneur has taught me an incredible amount and confirmed that this is something I’d like to continue doing for as long as I possibly can.

Taking stock now that the dust has settled, here’s where I’m at right now:

  • I still have the motivation to launch another business
  • The last two years has allowed me to develop a toolkit for entrepreneurship allowing me to learn skills such as basic web development, digital marketing, design and sales 
  • In my experience, I benefited greatly from the insights of people who have been there before and I want to share what I’ve learned with others

What’s the idea behind this blog/vlog?

Well, it’s June now and I’m decided to give myself another 6 months giving entrepreneurship a crack before I start looking for a job. I’ve also had another business idea on my mind for a while now, which I’m excited about exploring further. And finally, with my last business failure still fresh in my mind I want to keep myself accountable for improving my approach this time around.

Combining all of these factors, here’s my plan:

  1. Launch a new business and record the journey along the way as openly and honestly as possible
  2. Use this new venture as a way of teaching all the technical skills I’ve developed over the last two years in web development, digital marketing, sales and design
  3. (Hopefully) build a community of people looking to launch their own venture so they can support each other along the way 

So that’s the plan, should be a piece of cake right 😉

I just remembered I still haven’t told you about the new idea yet, my bad!! Well, we don’t have much room left so that’ll have to wait until the next episode….

See you there!