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How it works?

1. Browse Projects

View our range of project options to find the experience you're looking for. Our projects are designed to make it easy for you to gain the experience you need because they are:

  • Open and accessible to all students
  • Flexible to fit around your existing schedule
  • Focused on the skills that are in most high-demand by businesses

Remember you can participate in as many projects as you'd like for free.

2. Personalised support

Once you start working on your projects you'll be able to access a range of support to help you deliver impressive results. Our support includes:

  • Our adaptive learning platform that outlines how to perform each project
  • Access to expert mentors to answer any questions you may have
  • An online community of other students completing projects

Our projects are designed to allow you to build new skills in a practical setting, whilst providing the support you need along the way.

3. Serious outcomes

Our goal is to help students make a successful transition from study to work, which is why we aim to offer outcomes that will help upstart your career. These include:

  • Connections with businesses looking to hire students with your skills
  • A portfolio of work that you showcase to potential employers
  • Quality feedback so that you can improve as you go

Our hiring platform rewards you for the work you put in, which means the more projects you complete the greater the chance you have of landing a job.

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