Internships, reinvented.

Build 21st-century skills and gain real experience as you upstart your career!

The Upstart Academy is free for students and always will be.

What is the Upstart Academy?

The Upstart Academy is an online learning and hiring platform connecting motivated students with forward-thinking businesses.

Our mission is to make it simple for students and businesses to work together, which will empower students to gain the practical experience they need, whilst providing access to motivated and skilled staff for businesses - talk about win, win!

How we can help you

1. Online Projects

We connect you with companies for digital projects with real business outcomes that allow you to build your professional experience.

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2. Practical Learning

Our learning platform and industry expert mentors will show you how to perform these projects without any previous experience required!

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3. Paid Internships

As you build your new skills and experience we can start connecting you with employers looking to hire for ongoing paid internships.

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